Integrated Financial Planning Solutions
To Help Reach Your Goals Faster

We are a full-service financial planning group that offers a comprehensive combination of investment management, tax planning and insurance solutions for individuals and groups.

Our expert advisors collaborate with accountants and lawyers to ensure maximize your financial returns, minimize tax exposure and establish your legal estate.

The Benefits Of Working With LT Wealth


Financial Guidance

Making sound financial decisions is important. Our goal is to provide quality advice so you can make financial decisions faster and with fewer mistakes.


Client First Values

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients. Many of our clients say we bring a sense of calm to their lives.


Unbiased Advice

Because we are fiduciaries, we are legally responsible for your financial outcomes.


Managing Emotions Of Investing

The investment world can be chaotic and uncertain. Media outlets tend to blow things out of proportion, amplifying feelings of fear and greed. We help you see through the noise and avoid emotional mistakes.


Reduce Stress, Save Time

We free up your time and help you manage the burden of financial decision making so you can redirect that energy towards a more fulfilling life.


Investment Resources

We have access to a wide variety of exclusive wealth products, research and resources allowing us to make timely decisions as the financial markets change.

Focus Areas

We have clients that come from a range of industries and backgrounds, but can provide enhanced value to clients who are lawyers OR who have unique cross-border financial circumstances, thanks to our in-house specialists. If you don’t fall into either of these categories, not to worry, check out our approach page to see how we onboard clients and structure our tailored portfolios.