Terry Wright, CIM


Terry Wright is an experienced Portfolio Manager with the distinguished designation of Chartered Investment Manager (CIM).
He corresponds with a wide range of professionals on a daily basis to ensure all clients’ financial needs are being met. Terry leads the LT Wealth Management Partners team while focusing on providing financial advice and guidance to lawyers and other legal professionals, as well as online social media influencers.

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I feel extremely fortunate to have found a profession that makes me feel alive, that I am skilled at, and that allows me to impact people’s lives and their financial outcomes for the better. I love what I do.

Growing up in small town Manitoba in a non-affluent family, I didn’t receive a lot of the financial guidance one might get from a family that intentionally manages their wealth. Realizing this at a young age made me incredibly driven to understand how wealth is built, managed, and protected. And not having money in my youth made me appreciate every dollar I earned. It also made me learn from every dollar I could have used or leveraged better. I have the same appreciation and respect for my clients’ dollars.

Having the opportunity to listen to people, to empathize with their situation, and to provide financial guidance in areas they have questions is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. The world of finance can be confusing and overwhelming at times, I believe a key part of a Financial Adviser’s role is to put that abstract world into a framework people can relate to and understand.

Even the most respected Financial Advisers cannot control the markets, but they can control their quality of service, they can meticulously plan, and they can execute with precision. This is what LT Wealth Management Partners strives to do every day.

I work with a wide range of clients and they all have one thing in common – they’re nice people. In fact, that is one of the core criteria to becoming a client of ours. At the LT Wealth Management Partners, we believe that having mutual respect for each other is a prerequisite to building a long lasting relationship.

Everyone needs financial advice at some point in their life, and finding the right adviser is crucial to getting the right advice. I believe a great Financial Adviser is like a personal trainer, who helps you plan for success, and watches out for you to keep you disciplined so you achieve your long term goals.

One thing I am also adamant about is a proper work life balance. I like to play hockey in the winter and golf in the summer. My motorcycle is always insured as well so I can get a ride in periodically and escape the city. And whether it is completely accepted in society yet or not, I have to admit I am fascinated by mixed martial arts. Although I don’t practice the sport, I am a spectator at many mixed martial art events and even sometimes travel to see the fighters in person.

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Chris Mills, CIM, BComm


Chris Mills is an experienced Financial Advisor with the distinguished designation of Chartered Investment Manager (CIM). He is licensed in Canada and the US and helps clients with ties to both countries implement cross-border investment strategies as a member of Raymond James (USA) Ltd. Chris assists with everything from PFIC rules to IRA and 401k rollovers.

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Growing up in small town Manitoba, I was taught to be competitive and hardworking at a young age. My childhood dream was to be a hockey player, and by implementing these small town values, I was able to land a full-ride hockey scholarship to New York State University. It was here that I got my first taste of big city life and quickly developed an interest in money and investments.

After obtaining my degree in finance, I knew I was destined for a different, potentially more fulfilling path that combines my small town values with experience, drive and education. I feel fortunate every day to have found a profession I love, am skilled at and that allows me to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Financial decisions can be stressful and complicated, and as a Financial Advisor I feel that I have an incredible opportunity to enhance the lives of my clients and their families. Your financial future will dictate your goals and your dreams, and I remain committed to all of my clients that I will work as hard as I can to make those dreams a reality.

I strive for constant improvement and have continued to advance my industry credentials by obtaining the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation. I believe my financial experience in both Canada and the US give me a unique perspective on the securities industry in both countries and an advantage as a cross-border specialist.

I live in Vancouver, BC where I make sure to take advantage of the great outdoors. I am still an avid hockey fan and continue to lace up my skates as often as I can.

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Patrick Caffrey, CPA, CA, TEP, CFP, CIM


Patrick Caffrey is a Tax and Financial Planning expert with more than 12 years of experience in the wealth management industry. He has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 award nominee by the Investment Industry Association of Canada for his personal and professional achievements. Patrick regularly publishes articles on Financial Planning and hosts regular webinars on all of the latest developments in tax and finance.

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Making a difference in people’s lives is what drives me, and I feel very fortunate to have found a profession where I can use my professional skills to help my clients achieve their own goals.

Early in my career, a client told me that based on the work I had done, I would be their advisor for the rest of their lives. My goal from that point forward was to create that type of relationship with everyone I worked with, and that aim continues to inspire me each and every day.

The proudest achievements of my career have been building great relationships with my clients and my colleagues. LT Wealth has been a great environment that has allowed me to do this, and I am very proud to have worked for this company for the past 10 plus years.

Outside of work, I have an active young family with my wife and four kids keeping me busy. I am a competitive tennis player, as well I have completed 3 marathons, and 2 Gran Fondos. Since 2018, I have been a member of the Economic Advisory Committee for the City of Richmond, and previously served as the Treasurer for Tennis BC for 5 years.

Tyler Sklov, BA


Tyler has experience working in financial services on both sides of the border. Her background in psychology allows her to excel when managing day-to-day client inquiries. Tyler’s primary role is managing core administrative duties and providing clients with effective, stress-free service.

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Tyler is a city enthusiast who likes exploring hidden gems on foot. In between walks, she works on her various arts and crafts projects. When the day winds down, you’ll find her with her husband, enjoying a good movie. She also travels to visit family and friends as much as possible.

Katie Wilson


Katie’s experience in management allows her to excel when handling day-to-day client inquiries. She has the indispensable skills required to maintain key client relationships in addition to overseeing daily administrative responsibilities. Her ethic and energy enable her to work especially well in pressured environments, while meeting deadlines with quality, consistency, and care.

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Outside of work, she enjoys spending time cooking & testing new recipes. When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her camping with her dog, spending time with loved ones, and travelling to new & exciting places.

Keira Beer


Keira has worked for Raymond James since 2011 and began her career in the operations department at head office. With her extensive experience in the investment service industry, Keira has quickly become the expert relationship manager for our clients. Her primary role is building relationships with clients to ensure that their needs are met.

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Keira lives in North Van with her husband and son, and they love getting outside and exploring new spots around the city. She likes to bake, swim at the lake, (attempts to) play piano, and loves a good puzzle.