Tiered Fee Schedule

Tiered annual fees based on the size of your investment portfolio, paid monthly.

The more you invest with us, the lower your management fee. We offer this tiered fee structure in order to encourage our clients to consolidate their assets in one safe place. This allows us to have the complete picture of your financial situation, take calculated risks when necessary and avoid overlapping strategies with third-party service providers.

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Creating A Custom Investment Strategy For You


Fiduciary Responsibility

Our portfolio managers are licensed and registered fiduciaries under regulation by IIROC. As fiduciaries, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when looking after our clients’ interests. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and as an LT Wealth client, you can be assured every decision will be made with your best interest in mind.


Strategic Rebalancing

As market conditions change and holdings in your portfolio move up and down, we will proactively rebalance your portfolio at regular intervals. This will ensure we are realizing profits from winning positions and taking advantage of cheaper prices as opportunities arise.



Because we charge a discretionary fee on a percentage basis, you do not pay anything when a financial transaction occurs in your portfolio. This zero-commission structure ensures every investment decision is based on quality fundamentals, not an underlying commission.

Full-Service Wealth Management

Included in the fee you pay, is a robust suite of financial services. Leveraging the skills of our team, and the resources of our parent company Raymond James, we are able to offer our clients timely advice on all matters impacting your personal finances.

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