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We offer specialized wealth management solutions designed to meet the ever changing demands of your legal career. You focus on the law, we'll focus on your finances.

Why invest with us?

Why Invest With Us?

We believe that as a lawyer, you are unique.

  • You’re too busy to spend time optimizing your finances
  • No pension benefit, responsible for your own retirement planning
  • Can often benefit from the use of corporate account structures
  • You understand the relationship between value and fees
  • You know there is peace of mind with hiring a professional

Considerations for Lawyers

Transition to Partner

You are no longer a salaried employee, now you receive monthly draws and adjustments representing your contribution to your firm. This change comes with additional responsibilities, financial planning opportunities and tax considerations. Our goal is to take this off your plate so you can focus on your elevated role as partner.

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Mid Career Stage Image

Middle Career Stage

Surplus income is greater than before and mortgage debt is at a more manageable level. Comparing the cost of servicing this debt against potential investment returns and available tax refunds is key. Your job is to think about what level of income is desired in retirement. Our job is to implement proactive strategies with those goals in mind.

Approaching Retirement

After decades of hard work and success, time comes to ask the question, have I saved enough? Consistent income, estate planning and philanthropy become primary concerns. We look after all financial aspects of your retirement transition and introduce the right experts when needed.

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Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Regulated by IIROC.

Your Personal CFO

We have helped many Vancouver based lawyers implement financial strategies with the goal of helping them reduce stress, save time, and make more money. We know discussing finances is a personal subject, which is why we want to assure you that your information and anything you share during our conversation will be completely confidential. Let's have a candid discussion about your financial situation and your life goals.

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