Coffee on us (initial consultation)

This is an informal meeting that gives us a chance to get to know each other. It often happens in a coffee shop but can also happen in your office or ours. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable in knowing that we are the team you want to have further discussions with.

Money talks (subsequent meetings)

This is where we discuss details of your finances and what steps we can take to create your financial structure for the future. We review specific financial planning solutions and strategies, ensuring you are fully aware of your options. Helping you make the most informed decision for your financial future is our goal.

Let’s get started (move forward or not)

This is when a decision is made to work together or not, ensuring all details are clarified and any questions are answered.

Getting started (implementation)

Either in person or via email, we ensure the proper documentation is addressed with identification and signatures. Once the administrative process of opening and transferring accounts is complete, we begin to implement the previously agreed upon solutions and strategies.

Coffee on us again (regular reviews)

Changes to financial markets as well as life changes often dictate updates to your plan. Regularly reviewing and evolving your plan ensures you have the best chance of success for the future.

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