Our Preferred Client

Clients who are open and want financial guidance will benefit the most from the services we provide. We are best able to advise clients who consolidate their portfolio with one adviser; however, exceptions can be made for clients who intend to consolidate their entire portfolio in the future.

We work well with clients who have a long term time horizon of at least 5 years, but preferably 10-30 years which is a typical time frame for retirees. We advise against focusing on short term performance fluctuations. Annual performance should never be extrapolated but will be addressed and utilized for portfolio re-balancing.

Our preferred clients appreciate the importance of focusing on the “forest” and not the “trees”. Security selection often represents a small portion of a portfolio’s performance.

Clients need to understand that in order to maximize their wealth, many different financial services and products (including life insurance and alternative investments) need to be considered.

Our ideal client understands that we run a business with a team of staff members each handling different responsibilities, which allows us to best meet all our clients’ needs and provide the highest quality service.

Finally, and most important, clients who benefit most from LT Wealth Management Partners are those who can offer their trust and know their interests always come first!

Case studies

Todd Smith is a busy business lawyer who has always tried to be organized with his finances, but a busy schedule has always made it a challenge. Todd came to us with these concerns, as well as the need to ensure he was saving enough money for when he and his wife Joanne wanted to retire. Confidentiality was very important to Tom, and we took his wishes very seriously. We consolidated Todd’s portfolio under our administration and developed a projection that evolved into a retirement plan. They are now into their first year of retirement and are adjusting to a more balanced lifestyle. Our thorough and detail oriented approach gave Todd the comfort of knowing that he could now focus on more important things in life.

Tim Maddon was the president and major shareholder in a large, privately run company until health issues forced him into early retirement. Tim and his wife Mary needed to ensure that the sale of their shares back to the company would generate adequate income to replace Tim’s previous salary. After analyzing all variables, we were able to build a portfolio that would ensure their monthly after tax income would be replaced and the long term effects of inflation and taxes would be managed through capital growth. Short term portfolio stability was the cost of having growing lifetime income and purchasing power protection. Tim and Mary now have peace of mind in knowing that they and the financial future of their three sons are protected.

Vince Hatton is a well established securities lawyer who places a lot of significance on personal service. He recently became a client of ours after many years of getting to know each other. We were able to consolidate his investment and savings accounts under one roof so he had a better understanding of what his financial picture looked like. We separated his legacy holdings into no-fee accounts and managed the rest of his funds (through RSPs, TFSAs, corporate accounts and an RESP) based on the objectives that were established for each. We work closely with Vince’s personal banker who also recognized the importance of personalized service. Vince has built a group of professional service providers that work together to ensure he can focus on his practice while knowing everything else is taken care of.

Julie Ford has been very successful with her online marketing company over the most recent few years. She has been spending money in a way that even she was getting concerned. Julie knows the world of online marketing can change quickly and is concerned with how short this ride could be. However, her incredibly busy life had forced her to put these concerns aside and continue with the trends she had become accustomed to. We immediately coached Julie that money saved is money not spent and set up a regular savings plan for her. This helped her establish budgets which she continues to improve. Her retirement savings immediately ballooned with this new found mindset and saving money has almost become addicting to Julie. We’ve been able to bring simplicity to her life by overseeing her portfolio and working closely with her accountant. Julie is now well on her way to financial freedom!

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