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My background in both finance and marketing allows me to think differently. I recognize the value in having a simple and effective client experience and I believe technology should be embraced if it can add value.

I got my start in the financial industry on the insurance side but have spent a majority of my time working in wealth management. I am a firm believer in continual learning and constant improvement and I believe that my experience in both insurance and wealth management gives me a well-rounded perspective on financial services.

It is hard to refute that money is a core part of people’s lives and can often be a source of stress. I believe that a stress-free financial life can be achieved with unbiased advice and a long-term plan. Working with LT Wealth allows me to make a difference by helping people simplify and enjoy their lives while making them confident in their financial future.

I love the outdoors and if I’m not in the office, you can find me hiking coastal mountains or relaxing in the BC interior. I also have passions for travelling, music and photography, all of which have had lasting impacts on the way I think and approach problems.

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