From complex estate decisions to succession planning, our team can help you craft a financial plan that arranges the distribution of your wealth. Let us help you build a legacy from your life’s hard work that will secure your family’s future and their future generations to come.

It is a wonderful gift and special privilege to be in the position to help others and to give to worthy causes throughout your lifetime. However, charitable giving isn’t limited to your estate plan. With LT Wealth Management Partners, our team of financial experts will help you identify key issues and priorities and help you answer the following types of questions:

  • Have you considered whether your dependents have the skill set to manage their inheritance?
  • Does your most up to date will accurately represent your wishes regarding all important matters of your passing?
  • Are your charitable contributions as tax effective as possible?
  • Have you appointed a power of attorney –someone you know and trust– to handle your affairs once you have passed?
  • Could your estate wishes be better achieved with other strategies rather than just a will and probate?

Writing a will and performing thorough and detailed estate planning is an essential part of the entire financial plan. It should be given the same amount of attention and consideration as the other stages of your financial planning.

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