Achieving financial independence happens when your assets generate income that is greater than your expenses, and that you have sufficient personal wealth to live without having to work for basic necessities.

Whether you are in your wealth building years, or you have reached financial independence and you’re looking to protect your assets, or you have thought about how you will pass on your estate to your family after you are gone, our team can advise and assist you in reaching optimal outcomes.

LT Wealth Management Partners will help you navigate through the stages of wealth building, wealth protecting, and estate/succession planning. Our team will work with you and your family to ensure that we fully understand your personal and financial goals and objectives. From there we will help create a comprehensive financial plan that integrates: risk management, tax planning, optimal investment portfolio mix, and estate and succession planning.

Building Wealth

The majority of us will spend the better part of our lives working hard, growing in our career, or building our business, as a means to save income, accumulate wealth, and eventually reach financial independence. However, wealth building is not as simple as putting money away or making a high income.

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Protecting Wealth

After you have put wealth-building strategies into play, and you have begun to see results of your disciplined habits, another important part of securing your financial independence is learning how to protect your wealth from the many pitfalls and hazards along the way. Wealth protection planning is the next stage in maintaining financial independence.

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Estate Planning

From complex Estate decisions to succession planning, our team of wealth management experts can help you craft a financial plan that arranges the distribution of your wealth. Let us help your life’s work of wealth building become a legacy that will secure your family’s future and their future generations to come.

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