Joining Raymond James Ltd. in 2015 from a bank-owned investment dealer, LT Wealth Management Partners are a team of financial professionals focused on providing personalized service to our nice and friendly wealth management clients and are dedicated to managing your money, securing your financial future, and protecting your investments.

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We help busy professionals, primarily in the legal field, manage their finances, so that they make more money. Our team is focused on client service and is detail oriented in managing the financial lives of our loyal clients.

Services Offered

Investment Planning

We will review and analyze all aspects of your financial situation and understand how the various components work together to optimize your investment portfolio and minimize taxes.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is essential to not out-living your wealth. Ensure you live the lifestyle you want. With proper planning our team can help you ensure your retirement years are spent in comfort and security.

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Business Planning

We work with many business owners and entrepreneurs and advise them as to how they can reduce taxes and management fees, optimize their asset structure, and mitigate risk in their business.

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Tax Planning

Through organized and effective tax planning, we will help you will reduce, minimize or defer your Canadian and global income tax burden.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance can protect you and your family from unforeseen risks. Our team will strategically use various insurance products to help you create cash flow and safe guard your investments.

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Wills & Estates

A Will ensures your estate will be administered with the consideration and sensitivity your family needs during a difficult time. Our staff will guide you through the process of estate planning and provide necessary advice.

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  • “Terry is very knowledgeable and instantly sets us at ease. He is calm and patient and takes the time to explain things clearly. A very important skill when you’re dealing with a layperson like me who is confused and concerned with how & where to invest as retirement looms close.”

    Doreen C

  • “He is knowledgeable and consistent with his advice. He isn’t looking for short-term wins but will stick the course for better long-run performance.”

    Ryan B

  • “Terry has the done a good job of explaining options and opportunities. We appreciate the regular contact we makes with us to update changes.”

    Cynthia L

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